We turn inventions into valuable products

Our portfolio of patented technologies, animal models, materials and software is constantly being expanded by EMBL scientists from the 9 research units all over Europe. We seek to bring together discoveries at EMBL with the resources from industry to turn inventions into valuable products.

Our technologies are available for licensing are grouped in the categories: Animal Models, Instruments, Tools, Methods & Assays, and Software.

Animal Models

EMBL has a long history and in-depth expertise in the generation of animal models. With a whole outstation (EMBL Monterotondo) dedicated to mouse biology we have access to a variety of validated mouse models for many different human diseases and research areas.

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We provide access to diverse instruments for different solutions in the life science research environment. These span areas from cell culture to microscopy, spectrometry approaches and protein crystallization/detection.

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Tools, Methods & Assays

As Europe’s flagship laboratory for molecular biology, EMBL-inventions are scattered across the whole range of molecular biology research. The technologies cover areas including protein expression tools, nanotechnology, research tools & platforms, kit-ready assays, diagnostic tools and targets that can be further developed into future drugs.

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