Our Team

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Since company inception in 1999 our team has constantly grown and currently encompasses 9 FTEs. Each member of staff combines experience in the field of intellectual property or business development with a scientific background. This puts us into position to communicate in all directions.

Please feel free to contact us with your request, we are always open for discussion and are happy to help.

Dr. Gábor M. Lamm

Managing Director

Dr. Jürgen Bauer

Deputy Managing Director

Dr. Birgit Kerber

Business Development

Dr. Jacqueline Dreyer-Lamm

Business Development

Dr. Annabelle Grimm

Business Development / Communications

Dr. Thorsten Schneider

Intellectual Property

Ilka Singer

Intellectual Property

Dr. Christina Böhm

Intellectual Property

Dr. Cornelia Brosi

Grants / Market Intelligence

Maria Pia Becker


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