We are responsible for identifying, protecting and commercializing intellectual property

EMBLEM, founded in 1999, is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary and exclusive technology and knowledge transfer partner of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Based at EMBL-Heidelberg (Germany), we are responsible for identifying, protecting and commercializing intellectual property and associated technologies and materials developed in the EMBL-world including the sites Hinxton (U.K.), Hamburg (Germany), Grenoble (France), Rome (Italy), and Barcelona (Spain).

We currently manage a portfolio in excess of 1000 inventions, over 450 patent applications and granted patents, and more than 400 active license contracts with major players in the pharmaceutical, biotech and instrumentation markets.

The members of our competent team combine a broad range of intellectual property and business skills and expertise, coupled with research experience. This puts us in a position to talk science with the researchers and business with our commercial partners.


EMBLEM performs all classical technology transfer tasks from identification and commercial development of life science technology, including patent and copyright protection of Intellectual Property and licensing of technologies to third parties.

Furthermore, we are contracting and developing collaborative research agreements as well as marketing and contracting of scientific consultancy services.

We are also actively sourcing, structuring, advising, and setting-up EMBL spin-off companies.

We are involved in training and education of EMBL staff at all levels.

Our goals

Our aim is to return value to stakeholders including society at large.

In the broadest sense we promote the commercial use of scientific results and innovations by fostering the exchange between researchers at EMBL and industry. We strive to support EMBL spin-off companies in the life sciences and hence to create high-tech jobs and to increase the attractiveness of EMBL for top researchers by providing professional technology and knowledge transfer services.

Commercialisation Strategy

Our staff includes business professionals who assess market opportunities and develop an optimised commercialisation strategy for each individual technology. This may involve the launching of a new enterprise or licensing of the technology to established companies.

We flexibly and pragmatically design agreements with commercial entities to provide them with a strong incentive to evaluate, develop and exploit the licensed technology while generating revenues to finance their operations and provide a return on investment to shareholders and licensors.

To systematically market our technology portfolio, we take advantage of a broad international network of business, technology and science contacts and strategic alliances. We endeavour to find as many licensees as required to rapidly deploy an invention in as many applications as possible in the predefined market(s). We ensure that the licensees have the technical expertise and the commercial capabilities to take licensed technology to market including the securing of regulatory approvals.


EMBLEM follows multiple strategies to commercialize intellectual property. Apart from standard licensing of intellectual property to established players in some cases the founding of a novel company is the option of choice.

We support spin-off companies by aiding founders in putting together a business plan or by helping to establish business contacts via our extensive network with the industry. We also assist in finding physical space (in an incubator or elsewhere) and in identifying the right funding opportunities such as public funding sources, private investors (business angels), or venture capital, for example the EMBL Technology Fund (ETF), which is managed by EMBL Ventures.


EMBLEM provides a broad range of state of the art molecular biology services based on the experience and excellence of EMBL to third party academic and industrial partners. The services cover the fields of genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, protein expression & analysis, small compound screening, crystallisation and crystal structure analysis, high-throughput monoclonal antibody generation, mouse transgenics and mouse phenotyping.

The EMBLEM Services combines the advantage of EMBL scientific expertise with professional commercial support from EMBLEM and can be customized to your specific needs. If you wish to learn more about our services please visit our Industry pages.