We provide access to diverse instruments for different solutions in the life science research environment. These span areas from cell culture to microscopy, spectrometry approaches and protein crystallization/detection.

Our technologies are tailored to the requirements of both academic and applied research labs and have the potential to address uncovered niches in the life science instrumentation markets.

Microscope incubator box and control device

This new technology provides an incubation system for optical microscopes. The system allows for control of CO2, temperature, humidity and is intended for time dependent observation of living cells under stabilized conditions. It is adaptable to different types of microscopes and lenses from various manufacturers.


EasyGrid – A device for automated preparation and quality control of CyroEM samples

Scientists at the EMBL Grenoble developed a prototype device that fully automates sample preparation for cryoEM using in-line plasma treatment, picolitre drop dispensers, jet vitrification, automated cryo-storage and embedded quality control.

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