Portfolio Companies

We invest in core technologies that can be developed into successful, profitable businesses over time. The EMBL technology portfolio has generated more than 20 companies co-founded by EMBLEM since 1999 and new promising technologies continue to be established. EMBLEM’s experience in founding new companies and our close working relationship with the EMBL Technology Fund and EMBL’s collaboration partners in various industries provide the ideal environment for young start-ups. Please find a selection of our spin-off companies below.


BIOSAXS was founded in late 2015. The company is a service unit for Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) based on the great experience of the SAXS group of EMBL Hamburg. The SAXS technology reveals solution structures of biological macromolecules and synthetic nanoparticles at 1.2 nm resolution. For more information please visit the Biosaxs website.


Founded and still located on the EMBL campus in Heidelberg, Cellzome focuses on the identification of a new generation of kinase- targeted drugs to treat inflammatory diseases. Its pipeline of small-molecule therapeutics is driven by Kinobeads™, a proprietary technology for the screening and profiling of kinases in relevant cells and tissues. In 2012 Cellzome was acquired by GSK.

Gene BridgesGeneBridges

Gene Bridges was founded in 2000, based on the Red/ET recombineering technology developed at EMBL. This technology enables cloning without the use of restriction enzymes. Genebridges provides kits for the performance of Red/ET, recombineering services and licenses for their proprietary technology. Visit the website to learn more.


Luxendo is a recent spin-off from EMBL in Heidelberg, commercializing advanced Single Plane Illumination Microscopes (SPIM). Compared to modern state of the art confocal or wide-field microscopes, SPIM technology allows for significantly reduced sampling times at comparable and even higher resolution with highly reduced damaging side effects on the living objects investigated. Nature Science has characterized SPIM technology, also known as light sheet microscopy, as “Method of the Year 2014”. Please visit www.luxendo.eu for more information.


PEPperPRINT is an innovative biotech company founded in 2001. With their proprietary laser printing technology they established the new peptide microarray platform PEPperCHIP – a new standard in peptide microarrays. In 2010 they received the Innovation Award of German Industry. View all of their services and products here.

Savira PharmaceuticalsSavira

Savira pharmaceuticals – operating in Vienna, Austria – is focusing on the development of drugs for the treatment of influenza. Based on know-how and intellectual property from its co-founders, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the Vienna-based biotech company onepharm Research and Development GmbH, Savira manages a focused portfolio of medicinal chemistry programs aiming at the identification of lead candidates and the development of efficacious and selective anti-influenza drugs. Take a closer look on their portfolio here.

Velabs Therapeutics

Established in late 2017, Velabs Therapeutics GmbH is EMBL’s most recent spin-off project. The company uses a proprietary high-throughput screening platform based on a broad portfolio of novel EMBL microfluidics technology. Velabs offers screening services for therapeutic antibodies from natural sources and against difficult targets. Visit www.velabs-therapeutics.com for further information.