EMBLEM Highlights 2018

Inspired by „‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clarke Moore

‘Tis the day before Christmas holidays, and at the EMBLEM house,
not a sheet of paper is moving, or an EMBL mouse.
All the invention records are neatly stored away,
Not even the FedEx man is coming to Boxbergring 107 today.

While preparing to leave, to relax and unwind,
All the highlights of this past year come to our mind.
What a shame it would be to hide them from your view,
So, we are attempting poetry to write these lines for you:

A few years back, with GSK, we started a new collaboration,
And this year it was blooming – not only shown by publication(s).
In total 15 projects are now underway,
From imaging techniques to designing of arrays.

In Spring the new spin-off company Velabs was revealed,
With Microfluidics as their main field.
Finding novel therapeutic antibodies is their vision,
And with tiny droplets they are fulfilling this mission.

Open Targets in the meantime has expanded its membership,
And with Celgene and Sanofi welcomed two new pharma partners for the next stage of the trip.
The Target Validation Platform is available to all,
and allows mining of target associations large and small.

300 new license and collaboration agreements were executed this year,
And with a record turnover of over 10 m€ we enter a new frontier.
33 patents were granted;
And the seeds of many future inventions were planted.

In between all the agreements and patent applications,
We have travelled to conferences in several locations:
France, Netherlands, Denmark and the US were amongst the destinations,
Where we could present EMBL technologies’ and innovations.

Towards the end of the year – last but not least,
With Traditional Chinese Medicine we are headed East.
By combining methods from SolMic and EMBL,
some mysteries are planned to be solved in this sector.

One important thing before we unpack our sleigh and leave:
We would like to acknowledge all the fantastic innovations and the EMBL-wide support we receive.
So, we raise our glasses and close with a cheer: